I Never Made It Home Alone

My Ashleah is a nonprofit cooperation that was founded in 2009 after a 48 year old drunk driver slammed his pickup truck into our daughter Ashleah's vehicle head on tragically claiming her life. The 48 year old man was three times over the legal limit with three prior DUI but no convictions.

Our mission is simple; it's about true change in ones heart in making the one right decision not to drink and then drive. We are dedicated in bringing true awareness through educating people about this epidemic that claims an average of twenty eight lives a day. We have shared our story with thousands of young people with a tremendous postive response; we know Ashleah's story is changing lives. We would love the opportunity to come and share our story with you. There is NO charge from our organization we operate from donations only.

On average, someone is killed by a drunk driver in the US every 31 minutes


Coming soon: Dreaming Of Ashleah.